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The Cultural Studies Reader

Essays, Questions and Observations

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This is a community for the pursuit and study of culture, under the discipline of cultural studies. The study of culture takes place on the sociological and anthropological level, examining such diverse disciplines as linguistics and semiotics, political science, economics, psychology, comparative literature, international relations, and folklore.

The intent of this community is for people to congregate and examine issues of culture as pertinent to them and their studies. People can introduce articles of interest, post questions or essays for critique, or just ramble (in an educated, informed manner) about any or all things as related to the topics of cultural studies.

There are only three guidelines we wish to follow in this community, and they are...

...no flaming. This will not be tolerated by the moderator, hapan605, and will lead to a request to leave the community.

...educated and respectful discourse. Cite legitimate sources (i.e. law reviews, sociology journals, policy and polisci quarterlies, etc) and bring in relevent, concrete arguments. Despite naivete or extreme cynacism of some posts, ignore these and focus on the material being presented.

...please introduce yourself before you enter the community in your first post. Tell us your interests, your background, and any other information you may think pertinent to the community as a whole.

Other than that, welcome to the community!