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To Hell with this. I'm gonna live!

New cultural practices on Internet and institutionnalisation

Hello guys. It's my first real post here so first glad to see there are some sociologist around ! I'm in my fifth year at the University of Rouen, in France.

I'm doing my Master dissertation about the new cultural practices on Internet. My global question is :
 Is Internet creating new forms of institutionalisation  of cultural consommation goods ?

At the beginning, I've thought I would do some interviews with people who are webmasters of some illegal websites but it's ways too hard to find someone who accept to talk about that. I've succeed with some but not enough. The problem that I encouter the most is that people don't know me and are a bit afraid.

If you know someone (or maybe you) who seed files illegally, do subtitles, is particularly active in a private trackers website, or do trackers for the others. Please can you give him (her) the few questions I put below?

Please, feel free to write as much as you want. Even if you want to write pages, DON'T hesitate. I need you to speak freely as much as you can. All of this in anonymous.

Age :

Gender :

Studies :

Work :

Circumstances and approximative date of your fisrt internet connexion :

What do you do on internet ?

Did your use of internet evolve in the time ?

Do you download (il)legaly ? Why?

What do you download ?

Where do you download? Why?

Do you seed? Why?

If you're in a private tracker site, why do you choose it?

Who give you the adresses? Do you help others? Why ? How ?

Did you watch films or tv series online?

What do you think about the streaming of episodes done by SciFi or CBS?

What is your taste in movies?

In books?

Do you go to cinema? To see plays?

Do you watch TV? What do you like?
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