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Help..I need somebody..help..not just anybody!

Desperate times- desperate measures! First post. And it is not even funny one!

First things first. So introducing myself.
Hi. My name is Zane. 20. I am from Latvia. (Europe)
I study Culture management. And hope to get into Exhibition thing! (hope is what keeps me alive right now, so please don't kill it -.- ) I have satan_cat...and I am wearing brown socks right now.

What else? Ask me!


I am writing a course paper. About Subcultures. And I am kinda stuck here with whole thing! And need some IDEAS! I know you all are going all 'Give us some more information !' But there is not much to say..PROCRASTINATION in all it's glory!!!!!! So I am writing about dress code of different subcultures and I need some more INFORMATION! And in Latvian there is not much info (there isn't any) So GOOGLE ME! But I didn't found much! just some articles and well..they weren't really helpful and informative.

So forgive my English..I know it is not brilliant!
If you have some links to articles, sites or You just have some ideas what more I could do...please do so! In this state of mind I am really...REALLY open to ideas..crazy/weird/even yellow ones.

And well..till then I will just sit in my lonely corner and WEEP!
If you can help me..HELP! If yo want to ignore me..IGNORE. If you just want to say hi...::cough:: well..do it.

THANKS for your attention...
::packs things and goes back to dark and scary corner::

EDIT! So now I am writing about dress code and identity. And main focus is on youth subcultures. Professor is going to smack me GOOD!

THANK YOU FOR HELP AND ADVICES! It is nice to know that I am not left alone ::hugs::
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